Our Music

10th Leper plays a very wide variety of musical styles – everything from Praise & Worship to blues, blues-rock to classic rock, alternative, and hard rock. Our goal and our emphasis in every single concert is to use whatever styles we can master to get the attention of those listening in order let them know that Jesus is for THEM. There is a common vein that runs through every single song we play which is the fact that Jesus came “to seek and to save” the lost souls of this world. THAT is what 10th Leper is really all about!

Our Lord Jesus, being the God of Creation, gives us different types and styles of original songs and we are always amazed when He drops a new song on us. The interesting thing about 10th Leper is that all of the members are song catchers (song writers, if you will). We get excited to see and hear some of the new tunes He gives us, and hope they bless you also!