Our Supporters

10th Leper is grateful to the individuals and groups who support us through financial and physical gifts or loans of equipment. They make the ministry we perform much easier and much better because of their generosity. Those mentioned here are not the only ones, just a few of the larger ones. We certainly appreciated all the support we receive, both large and small!

Texas Pneumatic Tools, Incorporated

Carl Evans, the founder and CEO of Texas Pneumatic Tools Inc., has been a staunch supporter of our ministry efforts nearly from the very beginning. He is Paul Field’s employer, and also a personal friend. Mr. Evans often loans us the company cargo van for ministry trips, and we are deeply grateful to him and to Texas Pneumatic Tools Inc. for the help we receive. You can feel free to visit the company website by clicking on their name above.

Groesbeck Christian Fellowship

Pastor Greg Sackett, of Groesbeck Christian Fellowship, has stood by 10th Leper through all these years. Paul Fields is an Associate Pastor in GCF as well as the Worship Leader, and Greg has graciously given Paul the freedom to minister with 10th Leper even when it meant he wasn’t available at his home church. GCF also supports 10th Leper through monthly offerings. We certainly thank Pastor Sackett and the members of GCF for their continuing support!

“His Studio” & Tom Fields

Tom Fields owner, recording tech, mix master, drummer and another dozen hats for “HIS STUDIO” and has been involved with both of 10th LEPER’s recording projects. We would like to say a big thanks to him for all that he does for 10th LEPER. First thing Tom has filled in on Drums for many concerts and is always willing and able to do so when needed, and almost at the drop of a hat, sometimes with maybe only one practice session! When we know the Lord wants us to put togather some songs and produce a CD Tom is always ready and willing to help us from start to finish. If you need some recording work done please give Tom a call and he will help with just about anything. He also has been blessed with other talents in other fields outside of music including graphics, sketching, painting, (oils) and sculpting. His contact information is: cell # 1-214-552-7409, Kolidascope Ministries # 1-972-283-6742. There is more about Tom and his wife’s ministry “Kaleidoscope International” we will update as soon as we can.